About us

With a vast experience of over 20 years in Network Marketing and also in the development and production of food supplements and, in general, natural products, we have now embarked on a new challenge. We are here for you. We believe in the power of together and we believe that together we are stronger.

This is why The Rainbow Vision’s mission is to make available the resources and knowledge obtained over time to contribute to increasing the level of health, both physical and financial, of all those who will cross our threshold.

The vision of Rainbow Vision is to represent a landmark in health and wellbeing for all those who want a significant improvement in the quality of life, on all levels. And it also means to follow this objective at the international level.

  • Extraordinary products to support or regain your health
  • Additional income or even the main income, depending on your involvement
  • Free time to spend with your loved ones or to do whatever you like
  • Exotic holidays in dreamlike destinations, where you can create unforgettable memories
  • A powerful team with which to achieve your goals
  • Informative materials, periodical presentations, national seminars.

Product Range



Hot chocolate, therapeutic coffee and food supplements



Products made from natural ingredients for skin and body care



A varied range of devices for your health and for the comfort of your home



Nourishment for body and soul



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